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This web site is about healthy living. Overall health includes physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Physical health is extremely important. It’s the first and easiest step to overall wellness. Small changes can make a huge difference in our physical health. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it myself. Being overweight and lack of energy are the 2 most often heard problems... A little bit of extra time spent shopping for the right foods and preparing them will get you started, but you must know some basic things first.     See More Below

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On TV, they advertise fast foods and they show happy and healthy people eating all they want. There is no warning that their products contain GMOs or hormones or that they may contribute to diabetes or obesity. We know there is something wrong with this picture, but how programmed is our subconscious to believe what we see on TV? I began doing research... Now I have the Knowledge to take care of my health.
I beat diabetes and lost weight.
Here’s my definition of Flexibility... The willingness to challenge what we have been taught, to experiment with the Knowledge that we have gained, and see what works. Flexible people find solutions. They always know there is a solution, calmly set out to find it, and resolutely do it. And they make adjustments as necessary.

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Balance is looking at the big picture period. Focusing on only one area of your health can throw you out of balance. A good example is an obsession with avoiding all fats or carbs. Avocados are a fatty food, but they are an essential part of my diet. Getting your body detoxed and eating some organic foods will get you started.
Here’s the short version of “How I Improved my Health.”
I knew something was wrong when I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2009. Read More

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